About: Chicas Latinas de Sacramento

Chicas Latinas de Sacramento’s Past:

Chicas Latinas is comprised of a growing number of members (all ages, from many different backgrounds) who are devoted to supporting each other, exploring the Latin culture while also supporting, informing, and giving back to the Sacramento community. We provide on-going volunteer and community support to organizations that serve our community, such as Weave Inc., The Sacramento Homeless Connect, The Sacramento Area Emergency Housing Center, and regularly grant wishes and host drives for community members and their families.

The organization continues to grow in both members and community involvement, due to its positive impact and reputation of volunteer cultivation. Chicas Latinas was originally designed for women who had a desire to expand their circle of friends with women who can share and relate to their life experiences, goals, and interests, offering our members a variety of cultural and community based events, such as: arts and crafts, cultural fairs, dance lessons, concerts, movie nights, cooking lessons, wine tasting, zumba classes, art galleries, Spanish lessons, business networking, and plenty of community and volunteer opportunities.

Since creation, our vision has changed… 

Chicas Latinas de Sacramento’s Future: 

Chicas Latinas quickly gained support from the community due to our community involvement and volunteer cultivation. By providing the Sacramento community with Chicas Latinas volunteers we’ve been able to fill a void in the community, give back to those in need, and provide our members with the opportunity to give, learn, grow, create, lead, and discover their voice!

I want us to help our brothers and sisters (promote volunteerism) but I also want to promote and inspire cultural awareness and provide the next generation with a sense of true pride and the knowledge of what it means to be Latino. They say negative cycles are “generational” – it is our belief that so are positive cycles. Chicas Latinas members are leaders. ~ Angela Rosas

We are The Chicas Latinas de Sacramento. We are the Latina women of Sacramento. It is our duty to raise, support, and nourish our Latino community. It is our responsibility to teach and pass on culture and traditions to our youth and strengthen the businesses and organizations which have the ability to positively impact and influence our community.